How to Remove Foul Odors from Your Fridge

Alan And Heather Davis

How to Remove Foul Odors from Your Fridge

If your refrigerator loses power or remains off for a long time, it will usually develop a horrible smell that results from spoiled foods. Getting rid of the odor can become anightmare, as rubbing and scrubbing might remove the stains, but not the lingering smell.  Do not despair, however, if your refrigerator develops a bad smell because there are ways to eliminate it.

Below are proven methods for removing bad odors from refrigerators in an easy and inexpensive way:

  1. Remove all items from your fridge. Separate and throw away spoiled food products because they will contain an ecosystem full of microorganisms that can spread to other foods. Put the good food in a cooler while you clean the refrigerator to make sure they don’t get spoiled during the cleaning process, too.
  2. Keep track of the expiration dates of your food.  Label them with the date you bought or prepared them…

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