Tips for Removing Stains from Walls

Chris George Homes

Tips for Removing Stains from Walls

Stains and scratches are bound to appear in your house from time to time, especially when you have small children. But, having stubborn wall stains doesn’t mean you have to repaint the whole house.  You just have to learn the art of removing them.

One of the first steps you need to take is to identify what type of stain it is, so you can use the right cleaning agent.  Here are some common stains along with household remedies to get rid of them:

  1. Crayon Marks. It might be your child’s best artwork, but it surely doesn’t belong to the wall. Remedies range from shaving cream to mayonnaise and plenty of other products in between. The most popular choice, however, is toothpaste.  Just make sure to use the paste and not the gel, then add a little to a toothbrush and scrub away.
  2. Grease Stains. This type of stain usually…

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