Super salads, saving money, and self care

The Tiny Terror

Hey guys- it’s almost the weekend! I do wish it was Payday Friday though, those make the best Fridays.

This week has been full of home happenings. We have our lawyer set for closing, and we’re signing up for homeowner’s insurance. We got a couple quotes on homeowner’s insurance and definitely shopped around. Insurance prices are crazy, so if you’re buying a house… shop around!

Also if you combine your auto and homeowner’s insurance, you usually save money that way too. We’ve had our car insurance for years, but it increased big time when we moved to Charleston. I guess it’s because there are only a few ways to get around this city and when a wreck occurs, it backs up that road AND all the side roads. I’d say drivers here are crazy but well… everyone says that. They’re crazy everywhere!


Anyway, after multiple quotes, we’ve found a…

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